Friday, January 30, 2009

Enge ka tih tur...????

Tlai khat chu ka thenawmnu, thiannu ni bawk, nitina inhmu a, ka nuihpui thin hi a lokal a, kan ti ti a, Damdawiinah nu pakhat (HIV positive) a tlawh a, a lo haw chiah a ni, chu chuan a rilru a uai rit hle a, engemaw vei nei tih hriat takin ni dang angin a rawn tawng bawrh bawrh lo.

Eng eng emaw kan sawi hnu chuan a rilru tak tak chu a rawn phawrh ta a, “Captain, thil pakhat theihnghilh ka duh deuh mai a awm a, mahse ka theihnghilh thei si lo a, ka tawngtai thin a, a chang hian thiante zingah ka awm a, ka hlim a, mahse a hnu rei lote-ah ka hrechhuak a, ka rilru a hah leh thin a..” a ti a, a thil vei chu sawi chhuak chiah si lo-in a tap ta hlawp hlawp mai a, tihngaihna ka hre lo kher mai, a lungchhe zualpui reh hun chu nghakin ka thu ngawi reng a, a hnu-ah chuan a han inhrufai deuh a, a la tawng thei chuang lo. “Ka tawngtai ang aw..” ka ti a, a lu a bu ringawt a, tichuan, enge ka tawngtaina chhan tur pawh hre lo chuan ka han tawngtai ta ringawt a… Ka amen chuan a rawn inthingharh deuh a, “Naktuk-ah ka hrilh ang che” a ti a, “Ni e, I duh hun hunah min hrilh dawn nia, ka inpeih reng e, eng pawh nise, I chhungkua emaw, I mamal thil emaw, I Nu chungchang emaw pawh nise, tawngtai zel la, theihnghilh tum tlat lovin, I harsatna chu hmachhawn zawk la, I hneh thei zawk ang ka ring” ka ti ve luam ringawt a.

Naktukah ka hrilh ang che a tina-a a sawi ta tho a. A Unaunu HIV positive a lo awm hi a lo ni a, a unaupa pakhat lah Johannesburg-ah kum 5 chhung awm tawhin engtinnge a awm pawh a hre lo a, chumi ni-a nu pakhat HIV positive a tlawh chuan a unaunu tawrhna chu a ti hrechhuak thar leh a lo ni a. Chutah a nu-in a rawn phone a, a nau chu a damlo hle a, ei tur pawh an nei lo a ni tih a rawn sawi a, pawisa thawn tur a nei bik si lo.

Han hnem ngaihna ka hre lo hle. A dik tak chuan counseling hrim hrim pawh hi ka tih ngai loh tak mai a ni a, a dinhmun lek phei hi chu a harsa leh zual.

Eng ti turin nge min beisei ni ang? Ka lakah chuan engmah a beisei ka ring hran lo, a harsatna min hrilh ringawt khan engmah puih theihna ka nei si lo a... Tichuan, ka lo tawngtaipui zel ang che tiin kan inthlah ta ringawt a.

He mite chauh hi an ni lo. He ramah hian mi harsa, dinhmun khirh taka ding, chhuah ngaihna awm chai lo hi engemaw zat an awm a ni. Chung mite tan chuan enge tih theih ka neih le..?

An ei tur pe dawn ila, vawi khat chaw ei mai a tawk si lo, pawisa pe ila kan inpe seng dawn si lo. Tawngtaisak ringawtin an puar si lo. Hna thawh tur neiin inhlawhna siamsak thei dinhmuna ding lo ni teh reng pawh ni ila, anmahni kha hnathawk thei dinhmunah an ding lawi si lo.

Hei vang tak hian UNAIDS te, WORLDVISION, TEARFUND, NGO hrang hrang, hetiang mite enkawl tur hian an awm reng alawm, annin an hna chu thawk teh se tiin han thlahthlam dawn ila, a tam zawkte hi hetiang enkawlna dawng pha chuang lo an la ni leh ta zel si.

Hetiang dinhmun khirh tak mai hmachhawn lo-a ka awm ringawt pawh ka vanneih ziate ka inhre chhuak thar leh a.

Vawiin thleng hian “An tan hian enge ka tih theih ang?” tih hi ka inzawhna ka chhan theih si loh chu a la ni reng a nih hi.


  1. Keipawh min khawih thei khawp mai HIV ho tlawh hian. Han sawi tur chiah ka hre si lo... "its gonna be alright" tih dawn in, a alright dawn bawk si lo, ngawi renga an bulah thut bak keichuan ka thiamlo :-( fiamthu an duh tih te chu ka hria, mihring dang ang thovin an nui ve thei reng, mahse ka rilru tet vang nge pawh ka sawi thiamlo... an hma a fiamthu sawi ka harsat tlat mai... Hemi chungchang hi keipawh ka inthlak vat chu a ngai a ni. :( Ziak tha khawp mai Hotunu.

    Ka cousin ten de-addiction center kan huan (Neihbawih, Sihphir) ah an siam a, HIV vei deuh vek an ni. Mizorama ka haw hi chuan ka han tlawh ve ziah thin, chuan volleyball kan khel ho thin, an thiam phian. TT board pawh kan lei saka, min sawp ziah thin. Heihi a ni mai tuna tan ka in pek ve theih dan chu... Nakinah te chuan hei ai chuan in pek nasat leh zual ka tum a lawm.

  2. I dinhmun ang hi ka hriatthiam pui khawp mai che.I sawi angin, Pathian hnenah hian lawmthu sawi tur avan tam tak em !.

    I thiannu, a mamawhna zawn a malsawmna i nih ngei ka duhsak a che .

  3. 'Enge ka tihtur' zawhna pawimawh tak a ni.
    Tlangval hausain Lal Isua hnenah a zawt a; tang vengtuin Tirhkoh Paula hnenah a zawt bawk a. Ringtu ni tawhte pawhin nitin kan zawh fo a pawimawh hle ang le. Rilru a tikal thui hle mai.

    A chang chuan kan tihtum dan te leh Pathian min beisei dan te hi a lo in ang lo leh thin niin ka hria. a duh ang taka a hman theih tur kan nihna piah lamah pawh hian zalen taka hna athawh theihna tura hun leh thuneihna pe a, kan ngaihdante kan chawlhtira, thlir mai leh nghah mai kan zir thiamte pawh hi a ngai thin a ni lawm ni chutah chuan a thiltheih zia a lo lang chiang a. Kan rinna ngei pawh hi tihthanlenin a awm thin
    Kan rawn ti ve ta duah mai le.

  4. Tin, Petera chuan, 'Tangka leh rangkachak engmah ka nei lo, nimahsela ka neih chhun ka pe ang che. Nazareth Isua Krista hmingin kein kal tawh rawh,' a ti a (TT 3:6)

    Nazareth Isua i nei alom, Captain, zam suh.

  5. Ni e, hriatthiam a har khawp mai.Har hle mahse hei chauh. I awmdan tur chu Lalpa chungah nghat la, Amah chu ring la, Ama'n a ti vek ang. Lalpa'n a awmpui zel ang che.

  6. Captain, I am aware that out there in Mozambique also you have high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, even higher than here in Zambia. There are only two kinds of people in Africa, those infected by HIV and those affected by it. So many of your acquintances can actually be among any one of the two groups. It's good to know that you are sensitive to their feeelings, needs and problems. Keep comforting, assuring and praying for them.
    In this particular case of yours, I want you to be more practical in your approach. Can you suggest to your friend that her HIV positive sister join HIV Positive Support Group of the locality. Through such group, many positives regain their self-esteem,overcome stigma and discrimination and can lead positively again.

  7. I can understand your feelings. While in Maputo (this was sometime in 2004, I think), I once visited the Sisters of Charity hospice in the suburbs (it was Hulene, I think) where they looked after terminally ill HIV/AIDS patients - mostly people left with a few months to live and abandoned by their families. They also had an orphanage for children left orphan because of AIDS. It was heart-rending and extremely difficult to watch people just waiting to die with no relatives/friends besides them (apart from the nuns). Even sadder and more heart-rending were the babies just lying in their cribs quietly looking at you with eyes that seemed to know they were unwanted, abandoned by their parents with no future to speak of. I felt extremely helpless, not knowing what to do - even just writing this brings back the same sad, helpless, heart-rending feelings I had back then. But the sisters, among whom were some Indians - even an Assamese, were wonderful and it was very touching to see them smiling and doing their best to take care of those unfortunate ones.

  8. ngaihnawm hle mai. I rawngbawlna hi ropui hlein ka hria..

  9. Miteii a ni thei angem aw :D I rawngbawlna chu a va hla daih ve a. HIV chu tunlaia ah chuan ART ei thatin kum 30 vel an la dam thei alawm.

  10. illusionaire
    An bula fiamthu sawi theih loh hi rilru tet vang hrim hrim chu a ni bik lo ang, positive an ni tih han hriat chiah hi chuan rilru hi a dang nghal tlat alawm... Hei hi chu thil pangaiah ka ngai tawp mai.

    Neihbawih chu la kal ve ngei a chakawm hle mai... i rual ngeiin :)

    Ni e, midang tana malsawmna lo ni turin Keini pawh kan tuar a tul ngei ang tihte hi kan sa tui ve thin viau kha chu a ni a...

    Ni e, Pathian thil rel dan hi keini hriat phak rual chu a ni lo nachungin Amaha innghah hlawm tawp hi a harsa fu thin bawk si... i ti lawlawm e rawn ti duah zel teh.

    Zaia, Hringnun
    In ti lawmawm e, zam lo-in kal zel phawt mai ang

    Thank you, this is really a big and great challenge for me, its a good idea to suggest her to join some groups.

    you're quite right... they just can survive with the help of those people who work so hard for them.

    i ti lawmawm e, kei tak hi chuan engmah pawh ka thawk ve zawk hleinem.

    i rawn leng lut a, va lawmawm ve, mahse Miteii ka ni lo a nia aw...

    ART hi kan rama a rethei ho hmuhphakah hian a awm tlat lo hi a buaithlakna lai chu....

  11. I ni emaw ka lo ti asin...Captain Vanlalsawmthanga te In a ka len hunah ka lo zawt chiang a nge...Lawrkhawm lam a nia ka sawi chhan chu.

  12. ART chu a thlawnin an sem reng alawm.